Summer Quilt Project

Summer Quilt Project
Summer Quilt

Learn how to make a quick summer quilt.  In the first video, we’ll show you how to assemble a small table topper with no piecing in the top.  In the second video, we’ll give you instructions for a summer quilt with a pieced top.

If you are a beginner quilter, it’s a good idea to start off with a small project before tackling a larger “harder-to-handle” quilt.  Putting together a summer quilt without batting can ease you into quilt making.  Learning to tie a quilt is also much quicker than machine or hand quilting. Yarn or embroidery floss is used to hold the top and back together.

If you would like to buy perle cotton floss, click here.

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One of the best tools you can buy for tying a quilt is an extra strong needle threaderclick here.

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