Simple Table Runners

Simple Table Runner
Simple Table Runner

Learn how to make a Simple Table Runner that requires minimal sewing skills and supplies. You can use PRECUTS (Charm Squares and Layer Cakes) or dig into your scrap bag for this quick and easy project.  Beginners will get a chance to practice cutting, sewing and quilting skills while working on this runner.

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Are you looking for a quick and easy quilting project? Why not try these table runners? I’ve used the coordinating fabrics in these precuts to help with the fabric selection but you can shop for your own fabrics or use leftovers from your scraps.

Beginners will like this project because it requires minimal quilting skills and it can be completed in an afternoon. If you decide you like putting these blocks together it’s easy to move from the 3 block runner to a whole quilt.

If using pre-cuts you’ll need three ten inch squares or layer cakes and three five inch squares; AKA charm pack. Cut each ten inch square into three three inch strips then take one of those strips and cut it in half to get to five inch by three inch rectangles.

I like using packages of precuts because they make fabric choice easy.  All the fabrics in each line were specifically chosen to look good together.  Of course you can use scraps for this or if you want to purchase fabric you’ll need an eighth of a yard for the border and a quarter of a yard for the center.

Cut a five inch square and then a three inch strip that gets cut into two ten inch pieces and two five inch pieces.  You’ll also need about 1/3 of a yard of backing fabric and about a third of  a yard of batting.

Lay out your blocks.  Put right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam between the center and side rectangles.  Press to the outer rectangles repeat this process on the other side. Then sew the longer rectangles to the center section. Press to the outside edge and then sew the top rectangles.

Lay out your completed squares. I use three for my runners but you can make this in and length.  Put right sides together, sew and press.

Now you’re ready to add the back and batting.  Cut the batting a half an inch smaller than your piece. Center the batting on the back of your table runner. Get ready for machine quilting by pinning the top and batting together. Machine quilt by stitching in the ditch. It’s best to use a walking foot but a regular foot will work with minimal quilting cut the backing fabric the same size as your quilted piece.  Put right sides together and cut. You might want to round off the corners before stitching as I find this makes it easier to turn the corners.

Pin through all the layers and then stitch a quarter of an inch all the way around leaving a two to three inch opening for turning.  Turn inside out and press. I hand-stitched this opening but most of the time I catch that opening when I use an eighth of an inch top stitching.

Here are some of my completed runners.  They make great hostess gifts. Hope you decide to sew one up. We would love to see your completed project.  Please send us a photo and we’ll post it on our site.

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