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threadhead gallery

Threadhead Gallery

View the gallery of quilts, learn about their “history”, and upload your own.
Learn about different acrylic rulers in this short video.

Free Instructional Videos with Transcripts

Learn the “basics” needed to produce a quilt in Beginner Basics.    
monkey rag quilt

Free Classes

From small projects to whole quilts.
  • Learn how to put your quilting skills into practice when you try out one of our classes.


Learn the meaning of those quilting terms (plus photos and videos) in our Encyclopedia.
free patterns

Free Patterns and Handouts

Looking for a simple quick pattern?  Browse our collection at your convenience.
Ann Tarabini

Free Advice

Get free advice for your quilting questions.
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Quilting Links

Links to our Quilting Friends for everything related to the art of quilting, plus free quilt patterns for your new projects.


At LearnHowToQuilt.com answers to your quilting questions are just a click away!


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