The STRING Quilt

The STRING Quilt

String quilts are fun to make as you do not have to worry about being so precise when sewing blocks.  Relax, as long as you can sew a straight line, you’ll do fine. The whimsical free-form nature of this pattern looks great in all types of fabrics.  (This is a good project for beginner quilters.)

Below you’ll find the links to the videos in this series on the STRING Quilt.  In the first video, you’ll get an intro and a quick look at the quilting process.  The next six videos provide more detailed info about each phase of construction.  Finally, in the last video, you’ll learn about some common problems and how to avoid them.  

The STRING Quilt on fence  

Below the video links, you’ll find the supply list and directions you can download for FREE along with photos of other STRING Quilt blocks. Hope you enjoy this project!  


Quick Look  (#1 of 8)

Learn how to cut and sew this quilt top.  More detailed instructions can be found in later videos in this series.

STRING Quilt Quick Look


Supplies  (#2 of 8)  

Learn about the supplies that you will need to complete this project.

String Quilt Supplies


Foundations  (#3 of 8)

Learn about different foundations that can be used when making the STRING Quilt.

The STRING QUILT Foundations


Cutting Strips (#4 of 8)

Learn how to quickly rotary cut the strips for this quilt.

The STRING Quilt Cutting Strips


Sewing Blocks (#5 of 8)

Learn how to sew the blocks used in the STRING Quilt.

The STRING Quilt - Sewing the Blocks


Quilt Layouts (#6 of 8)

Learn about the different layouts that are possible.

Layouts for the STRING Quilt


Sewing Rows (#7 of 8)

Learn how to organize your quilt into rows and then sew them together.

Sewing Rows on the String Quilt


What Went Wrong? (#8 of 8)

Learn about some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them BEFORE making this quilt.

What Went Wrong with my String Quilt?




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