Advent Quilt INTRODUCTION (#1 of 16)


  1. Thank you for your help in teach the world to quilt. I started learning to quilt at 82 years old. It is slow but I am loving the learning experience. Looking forward to learning from you guys.

    1. Hi Doris! So happy to hear you’re interested in quilting! One of the best ways to learn different techniques is to work on a sampler quilt. With each block, you’ll learn one or more new quilting techniques. Check out our Encyclopedia – under “Sampler” you’ll find links to our free patterns and videos at the bottom of the page. You might like the Seasonal Sampler where you make small “quiltinis”
      for different holidays.
      Here are the links:
      Sampler Quilt –
      Seasonal Sampler –
      Happy Quilting!

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