The Advent Quilt

Learn how to make this Advent Quilt that will become a favorite tradition at Christmas.  Pockets that countdown to the big day can be stuffed with treats and trinkets to hang on the tree made from children’s handprints.  Watch the Introduction and Quick Look videos for a quick overview of this project.

Supply List and Patterns can be found under Video #3.

Advent Quilt INTRODUCTION (#1 of 16)

Advent Quilts


Advent Quilt QUICK LOOK (#2 of 16)

3 Different Advent Quilts


Advent Quilt SUPPLIES (#3 of 16)

Supplies for Advent Quilt


Advent Quilt CHOOSING FABRIC/LAYOUT (#4 of 16)

Advent Video 4


Advent Quilt MAKING TEMPLATES (#5 of 16)

Advent Video 5


Advent Quilt APPLYING FUSIBLE (#6 of 16)

Advent Video 6


Advent Quilt ADDING POCKETS (#7 of 16)

Advent Video 7


Advent Quilt APPLYING NUMBERS (#8 of 16)

Adding Numbers


Advent Quilt MAKING TREE (#9 of 16)

Advent Tree


Advent Quilt DECIDING on QUILTING (#10 of 16)

Advent Video 10


Advent Quilt THE QUILT SANDWICH (#11 of 16)

Advent Quilt Sandwich



Advent video 12


Advent Quilt APPLYING the POCKETS (#13 of 16)

Advent Video 13


Advent Quilt MAKING the BINDING (#14 of 16)

Advent Video 14


Advent Quilt SEWING the BINDING (#15 of 16)

Advent Video 15


Advent Quilt FINISHING YOUR QUILT (#16 of 16)

Advent with Candy

Examples of Other Advent Quilts:

advent quilt

Ella’s Advent Quilt


Advent in Grey

Advent Quilt in Grey



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