Star Sampler Quilt (6) – Cutting & Sewing Shooting Star

Star Sampler 6 - Cutting and Sewing

Learn how to use templates to cut and sew this Shooting Star block. This is a challenging block. I chose it because it offers many lessons for quilters wanting to improve their skills. If you want to skip ahead or go back for review, you’ll find links to the topics below along with links to other videos you might find useful.

Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars

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Links to Video Topics:

  • 1. Supplies – 0:23
  • 2. Lining Up Templates on Fabric – 1:09
  • 3. Marking on Fabric – 1:55
  • 4. Cutting Fabric Pieces – 4:37
  • 5. Sewing Shooting Star – 9:29
  • 6. Sewing Sections Together – 15:30

Amazon Items:

Links to FREE Patterns: