Star Sampler Quilt (5)- Making Templates for Shooting Star

Star Sampler 5 - Templates for Shooting Star

Learn how to make templates for this 6″ Shooting Star block.  Once you master template making, you’ll be able to draw up patterns for any block!

Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars

If you want to skip ahead or go back for review, you’ll find links to the topics below along with links to other videos you might find useful. Items for purchase from Amazon are also listed below along with the FREE patterns for this block.

Links to Video Topics:

  • 1. Supplies – 1:05
  • 2. Drafting the Block – 2:26
  • 3. Adding Seam Allowances to Pattern – 8:45
  • 4. Making Templates – 11:57
  • 5. Template Storage – 19:21
  • 6. Block alternatives and Future Videos – 19:51

Links to Amazon:

FREE Patterns: