Star Sampler Quilt (3)- Friendship Star

Star Sampler Friendship STAR

Learn how to make a Friendship Star for this Star Sampler Quilt. View the video to find out about drafting this block and then using “rules” for figuring out seam allowances.

Friendship Stars
Friendship Stars

Below are links to the topics covered in this video and other videos that may help you along with the directions for this Friendship Star. You’ll also find a link to the sketch of the Star Sampler Quilt that you can use to help with your planning.

LINKS to Topics in Video:

  • 1. Supplies – 0:59
  • 2. Drafting to Figure Out Cutting Sizes – 1:42
  • 3. How to Calculate Cutting Sizes for Squares (Rectangles) – 5:46
  • 4. How to Calculate Cutting Sizes for Half Sq. Triangles – 6:06
  • 5. Preparing Fabric for Sewing – 7:24
  • 6. Sewing Half Sq. Triangles – 8:59
  • 7. Sewing in Rows – 10:40

LINKS to Directions:

LINKS to Other Helpful Videos:

LINKS to Star Sampler Series: