Star Sampler Quilt (22) – Drafting the LeMoyne Star

Drafting a LeMoyne Star

Learn three different ways to find the cutting sizes for a LeMoyne Star block. First you’ll see how to draft this block based on a circular grid. Next you’ll find out how to fold paper to come up with the sizes of the shapes needed for this block. Finally, you’ll learn how you can use math to calculate the cutting sizes.

LeMoyne Star
12″ LeMoyne Star

Below you’ll find the topics and a link to where they appear in the video so you can skip ahead if you like. I’ve also listed the links below to the information mentioned in this video along with a link to the next tutorial in this series – Sewing a LeMoyne Star with Y-Seams.


  • Drafting a LeMoyne Star – 0:53
  • Making Templates from Drawing – 4:33
  • Paper Folding Method – 5:24
  • Making Templates for Paper Folding Method – 10:12
  • Using Math to Find LeMoyne Star Sizes – 11:28
  • Cutting Ideas/Templates for Math Calculations – 17:02

HANDOUT from Video:

  • Figuring Cutting Sizes for LeMoyne Star

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