Star Sampler Quilt (16) – 54-40 or Fight 

54-40 or Fight quilt Block

Learn how to make this 54-40 or Fight block using paper piecing for the star rays. This is a great method for getting perfect star points.

54-40 or Fight Star
54-40 or Fight Star

Below you will find the links to the FREE PATTERN/TUTORIAL and to the other videos in this series. If you would like to skip ahead to different topics in the video, you can click on the links below.

Links to Video Topics:

  1. Directions/Pattern – 0:50
  2. Sewing Star Rays – 1:39
  3. Making the Four Path Squares – 8:34
  4. Laying Out the Block & a Little History – 9:16
  5. Assembling the Block – 10:45

Links to Supply List/Directions: