Star Sampler Intro (1)

Star Sampler Quilt Intro

Learn how you can get FREE directions for this Star Sampler Quilt. You’ll get detailed instructions for each block that focus on one or more quilting/drafting techniques. These classes will be offered to you via YouTube or through’s website. Hope you can join us!

Starting Summer 2022:

  • Choosing Fabric
  • Midnight Star
  • Shooting Star
  • Friendship Star
  • Sawtooth Star
  • Martha Washington Star
  • Double Sawtooth Star
  • Swamp Angel
  • Appliqu├ęd Star
  • Sun Ray Star
  • 54-40 or Fight
  • Blazing Star
  • LeMoyne Star
  • Lone Star
  • Circle Star
  • Star Sampler Setting
  • Star Sampler Borders