Star Sampler (7) – Template Tips for Shooting Stars

Star Sampler Series-7

Learn about using templates to cut and sew a Shooting Star block. This is a challenging block. I chose it because it offers many lessons for quilters wanting to improve their skills or learn about new methods for improving accuracy.

If you want to skip ahead or go back for review, you’ll find links to the topics below along with links to other videos you might find useful. Items for purchase from Amazon are also listed below along with the FREE patterns for this block and links to the other videos in this series.

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  • 1. Rotary Cutting & Templates – 0:56
  • 2. Templates -Right and Wrong Sides – 1:32
  • 3. Use Pattern & Registration Marks – 5:48
  • 4. Improving Your Templates – 8:10
  • 5. Using the Pattern for Accuracy – 8:45
  • 6. Using Templates to Check Accuracy – 10:12
  • 7. Connect the “Dots” – 11:03

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FREE Patterns: