How to Draft a 5-Pointed Star (Star Sampler #26a)

How to Draft a 5-Pointed Star

Learn how to draft a 5-pointed star inside a circle. You’ll find out about “checkers” and how to make registration marks for matching circular pieces.

5 Pointed Star
5 Pointed Star – 6″

This is part of our Star Sampler Series and the first video of two about 5 pointed stars. Below you will find links to the FREE HANDOUT/TUTORIAL and to the other videos in this series. Links to topics in the video are also listed so you can skip around if you choose to do so.


5-Pointed Star in Circle (6inches)

TOPICS in this video:

  • Handouts – 0:46
  • Drafting the Block – 0:59
  • Making Templates – 4:54
  • Choosing & Cutting Fabric – 10:18
  • Adding “Checkers” – 17:43
  • “Checker” for STAR Points – 18:19
  • Circle “Checkers” or Registration Marks/Dots – 19:30

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