How to Choose and Cut Fabric for a Lone Star (Star Sampler #24a)

Choose and Cut Fabric for Lone Star

Learn how to choose fabric for a Lone Star block. Then get some tips for cutting pieces for an 18″ Lone Star block. You’ll also find out how to set up strip sets to speed up your sewing.

Lone Star
18″ Lone Star

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Links to TOPICS in video:

  • Handouts- 0:22
  • Laying Out & Marking Diamonds – 0:55
  • Sewing Smaller Diamonds – 3:00
  • Laying Out the Lone Star – 12:13
  • Sewing the 8 Sections – 13:16
  • Trimming 8 Sections – 14:34
  • Making Star Sections – 16:14 
  • Sewing Star Sections Together – 17:34

Links to HANDOUTS:

Links to other LONE STAR  Videos: