How to CALCULATE Cutting Sizes for a LONE STAR – Star Sampler #24

Calculating Lone Star Cutting Sizes

Learn how to calculate the cutting sizes for Lone Star blocks. In this video, you’ll also find out how to figure out the sizes for diamond strip sets.  In the next Lone Star video, you’ll get tips for choosing fabric for this block.  In the third Lone Star video, you’ll see how to sew this block together without using Y-seams.

Lone Star
18″ Lone Star

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Links to TOPICS in video:

  • Figuring Shape Sizes – 1:08
  • Figuring Cutting Sizes – 6:45
  • Figuring Strip Sets – 8:27
  • Figuring Cutting Sizes for “No Y-Seams” Lone Star – 14:07

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