“I Spy” Star Wreath

Learn how to make a Star Wreath.  This quilt was made with leftover quick corners from another quilt but directions also include starting from scratch with half square triangles.  The Star Wreath looks good in all styles of printed fabric and/or solids.  I think it looks best when all the star centers are the same.  If you would like to buy a charm pack of different novelty fabrics, click here.

This is a good project for beginners to work on the skill of matching seams.  It requires some patience but if you take the time to match seams you’ll be proud of the end result.

Hope you decide to try this project.

Looking to buy rotary cutting equipment for cutting those quick corners? Follow these links:

Rotary Cutters

Rotary Mats

Rotary Rulers

Rotary Blades


Star Wreath Pattern and Directions:

Wreath Star Quilt

Star Wreath Close-up

Close-up of Quilting

Other Star Wreath Quilts

Amal used the Star Wreath pattern and then added her cross stitch to the center.

Amal Alsultan Star Wreath Quilt

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