Seasonal Samplers Series

Learn beginning quilter skills while making these Seasonal Samplers.

Seasonal Samplers Intro

Each  “quiltini” (little quilt) features one or more quilting techniques that confident beginners or intermediate sewers can add to their skillsets. At the end of this series, you’ll be ready to conquer more advanced projects AND you’ll have a year’s worth of wall hangings that can be interchanged on the quilted “frame”.

You’ll find the handouts/supply lists at YouTube under each video. Hope you enjoy this project!
PS – Not quite ready to call yourself a confident beginner?  No problem – check out our Saturday Sampler Series.  You’ll learn the basics while making a small sampler quilt.

Seasonal Sampler INTRODUCTION  (#1)

Learn about this project and why Sampler Quilts make great beginner projects.

Seasonal Samplers Intro

Seasonal Sampler – The FLAG (#2)

Learn quick cutting and sewing methods for isosceles and scalene triangles. You’ll also discover how paper piecing can be used to make crisp star points.

Seasonal Sampler FLAG

Seasonal Sampler – The “FRAME” (#3)

Learn about setting triangles.

Seasonal Sampler FRAME

Seasonal Sampler – Quilting the “FRAME” (#4)

Learn about making the quilt sandwich and machine quilting.

Seasonal Sampler Machine Quilting the FRAME

Seasonal Sampler – Maple Leaves (#5)

Explore three different techniques for cutting and sewing triangles; Quick Corners, HST’s + 1, and Paper Piecing.

Seasonal Sampler Maple Leaves

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE (#6)

Learn 2 methods for making multiple triangles.  Then learn how paper piecing can be used in place of templates.

Seasonal Sampler TREE

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE (#7)

Learn about sewing a precise 1/4″ seam, matching intersections and why pressing is so important for sewing accurately.

Seasonal Sampler - Matching Triangle Points

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE & LEAVES (#8)

Learn about how to set your block on point. Then you’ll add the maple leaves.

Seasonal Sampler Series - Setting on Point

Seasonal Sampler – SNOWFLAKES  (#9)

Learn about English Paper Piecing.

Seasonal Sampler SNOWFLAKES

Seasonal Sampler – SNOWMAN (#10)

Learn about quick corners.

Seasonal Samplers SNOWMAN

Seasonal Sampler – WINTER QUILTINI (#11)

Learn about assembling your quiltini.

Seasonal Samplers - Winter Quiltini

Seasonal Sampler – CIRCLE FLOWERS  (#12)

Learn different appliqué methods.

Seasonal Samplers CIRCLE FLOWERS

Seasonal Sampler – DRESDEN FLOWERS (#13)

Learn about the Dresden pattern.

Seasonal Samplers DRESDEN FLOWERS

Seasonal Sampler – STEMS & LEAVES (#14)

Learn some tricks for making appliquéd stems and leaves.

Seasonal Samplers STEMS & LEAVES

Seasonal Sampler – MITERED BASKET HANDLES (#15)

Learn about miters and y-seams.

Seasonal Samplers Mitered Baskets

Seasonal Sampler – PARTIAL SEAMS & 4 FLYING GEESE (#16)

Explore using a partial seam in place of an inset seam.  You’ll also learn about making Flying Geese units.

Spinning Geese

Seasonal Sampler – LOG CABINS (#17)

Learn how to make a traditional Log Cabin block.

Log Cabin Accuracy- Seasonal Sampler

Seasonal Sampler – Yo-Yo’s & APPLIQUÉD BUNNIES (#18)

Learn about appliqué.

Yo-yo's and Applique - Seasonal Sampler

Seasonal Sampler – Log Cabin HEART (#19)

Learn another method for making Log Cabin blocks.

Seasonal Samplers Log Cabin HEART

Seasonal Sampler – St. Patrick’s Day (#20)

Learn a trick when using large pieces of fusible applique.

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