Seasonal Samplers Series

Learn about the Seasonal Sampler Series.  Starting in June 2020, each Saturday a new video will be released.

Seasonal Samplers Intro

While making each Seasonal Sampler “Quiltini” (little quilt), you’ll learn different quilting skills – from confident beginner to intermediate. At the end of this series, you’ll be ready to conquer more advanced projects AND you’ll have a year’s worth of wall hangings that can be interchanged on the quilted “frame”.

You’ll find the handouts/supply lists at YouTube under each video. Hope you enjoy this project!
PS – Not quite ready to call yourself a confident beginner?  No problem – check out our Saturday Sampler Series.  You’ll learn the basics while making a small sampler quilt.

Seasonal Sampler INTRODUCTION  (#1)

Learn about this project and why Sampler Quilts make great beginner projects.

Seasonal Samplers Intro

Seasonal Sampler – The FLAG (#2)

Learn quick cutting and sewing methods for isosceles and scalene triangles. You’ll also discover how paper piecing can be used to make crisp star points.

Seasonal Sampler FLAG

Seasonal Sampler – The “FRAME” (#3)

Learn about setting triangles.

Seasonal Sampler FRAME

Seasonal Sampler – Quilting the “FRAME” (#4)

Learn about making the quilt sandwich and machine quilting.

Seasonal Sampler Machine Quilting the FRAME

Seasonal Sampler – Maple Leaves (#5)

Explore three different techniques for cutting and sewing triangles; Quick Corners, HST’s + 1, and Paper Piecing.

Seasonal Sampler Maple Leaves

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE (#6)

Learn 2 methods for making multiple triangles.  Then learn how paper piecing can be used in place of templates.

Seasonal Sampler TREE

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE (#7)

Learn about sewing a precise 1/4″ seam, matching intersections and why pressing is so important for sewing accurately.

Seasonal Sampler - Matching Triangle Points

Seasonal Sampler – The TREE & LEAVES (#8)

Learn about how to set your block on point. Then you’ll add the maple leaves.

Seasonal Sampler Series - Setting on Point

Seasonal Sampler – SNOWFLAKES  (#9)

Learn about English Paper Piecing.

Seasonal Sampler SNOWFLAKES

Seasonal Sampler – SNOWMAN (#10)

Learn about quick corners.

Seasonal Samplers SNOWMAN

Seasonal Sampler – WINTER QUILTINI (#11)

Learn about assembling your quiltini.

Seasonal Samplers - Winter Quiltini

Seasonal Sampler – CIRCLE FLOWERS  (#12)

Learn different appliqué methods.

Seasonal Samplers CIRCLE FLOWERS

Seasonal Sampler – DRESDEN FLOWERS (#13)

Learn about the Dresden pattern.

Seasonal Samplers DRESDEN FLOWERS

Seasonal Sampler – STEMS & LEAVES (#14)

Learn some tricks for making appliquéd stems and leaves.

Seasonal Samplers STEMS & LEAVES

Seasonal Sampler – MITERED BASKET HANDLES (#15)

Learn about miters and y-seams.

Seasonal Samplers Mitered Baskets

Seasonal Sampler – PARTIAL SEAMS & 4 FLYING GEESE (#16)

Explore using a partial seam in place of an inset seam.  You’ll also learn about making Flying Geese units.

Spinning Geese

Seasonal Sampler – LOG CABINS (#17)

Learn how to make a traditional Log Cabin block.

Log Cabin Accuracy- Seasonal Sampler

Seasonal Sampler – Yo-Yo’s & APPLIQUÉD BUNNIES (#18)

Learn about appliqué.

Yo-yo's and Applique - Seasonal Sampler

Seasonal Sampler – Log Cabin HEART (#19)

Learn another method for making Log Cabin blocks.

Seasonal Samplers Log Cabin HEART

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