Saturday Sampler – The SQUARE (#3)

square for Saturday Sampler


Everything you ever wanted to know about cutting the perfect square AND MORE! Learn about the special properties of a square and how these can help you be more accurate in your piecing. You’ll find out about adding seam allowances and then rotary cutting squares. No rotary cutter? – no problem. This video also contains a section on template making and on scissor-cutting the square.

Looking to buy rotary cutting equipment? Follow these links:

Rotary Cutters     Rotary Mats     Rotary Rulers    Rotary Blades

SQUARE Pattern Link:

Square Pattern

Other Quilts made from SQUARES:

Looking for project ideas?  Check out the quilts below:

monkey quilt
Monkey Quilt (Quilt-As-You-Go)


quilt made from squares
Take 5 Project in Pink


Purple “Around the World” Quilt
Quick Quilt/Take 5
Simple Quilt
How to Make a Simple Quilt

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