Saturday Sampler

(Coming Soon – July 2019)
This Saturday Sampler Quilt is the best way to learn basic quilting skills.  Each block in this series focuses on one or more essential skills.  Complete all blocks and you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced quilting projects.  
Intro - Saturday Sampler
Below the video links, you’ll find the handouts you can download for FREE along with photos of other Quick Corner Quilts. Hope you enjoy this project!

Introduction  (#1)

Learn about this project and why Sampler Quilts make great beginner projects.  More detailed instructions can be found in later videos in this series.

Intro - Saturday Sampler


Supplies (#2)

Learn about the supplies needed for this project.

Saturday Sampler supplies


The SQUARE (#3)

Learn about the most popular quilt shape.  Then discover how to add seam allowances.  Finally find out how to cut this using a rotary cutter.

square for Saturday Sampler


Heart Applique (#4)

Learn how to add a heart appliqué to your project using a fusible.

Heart Applique for Saturday Sampler


Circle Applique (#5)

Learn another easy appliqué method. Beginners can use this method in place of more difficult curved piecing requiring templates and registration marks.

Circle Applique for Saturday Sampler


Bricks/Rectangles (#6)

Learn about cutting rectangles and sewing a precise 1/4″ seam.  Review adding seam allowances.  You also learn why pressing along with cutting and sewing add to your accuracy.

Bricks Block


Rail Fence  (#7)

Learn about a scant 1/4 inch seam.  Review cutting on the grain lines for  rectangles.  You will also be given instructions for making multiple blocks using strip piecing.

Rail Fence for Saturday Sampler


Four Patch (#8)

Learn about matching intersections and why pressing is so important for sewing accurately.  You will also discover how chain piecing can save you time.

Four Patch for Saturday Sampler


Nine Patch (#9)

Learn why value is so important in quilting.  Then you’ll get to “play” with your fabric.  Directions on how to strip piece this traditional block are also included.

Saturday Sampler Nine Patch Block

Bow Tie (#10)

Learn about the quick corner method.

Bow Tie for Saturday Sampler


Quick Corner Jar (#11)

Learn about the quick corner method.

Saturday Sampler Quick Corner Jar


Simple Houses (#12)

Learn how to make houses with Flying Geese Units.

Saturday Sampler Simple Houses


Shoo Fly (#13)

Learn how to cut and sew triangles.

Shoo Fly for Saturday Sampler


Friendship Star (#14)

Learn how to match points.

Saturday Sampler Friendship Star


Basket (#15)

Learn how to make a pattern and sew this block.

Basket for Saturday Sampler


Saturday Sampler Quilt HANDOUTS:

Other Sampler Quilts:

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Wall of Small Samplers

Wall of Small Samplers


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