Quilt As You Go – (9 of 16 videos)

marking quilt sandwich

Marking and Pinning:

Learn how to mark your quilting design and then put together your “quilting sandwich”.

Quilt As You Go
Marking and Pinning




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ELEMENTARY (Quilt-As-You-Go) QUILT – Marking the Quilt Sandwich (9 of 16 videos)

You’ll need to mark some sort of stitching on your pattern where you will hold all move. So I am going to put my template back on here. Notice, if I am pushing really hard with my pencil, the fabric doesn’t move because the sandpaper grips it. So that’s how you trace around your template.

The next step is to get your scissors. When you cut this, you want to cut on the inside of this line and you want to cut that line off. So you just go around cutting, and I am not going to cut the whole thing off, I am just going to show you that you want this pencil line cut off because that is an extra thickness when you had this template down. That line is on the outside edge- this template is the exact size of that square- so you cut that off.

Now, let’s say that you- boy you’re saying I need so many of these squares- so if you want to, you can draw your square and fold your fabric. I don’t like to fold it more than maybe 2 or 3 times. Then, I put pins in here to cut all the way around.

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