Quilt As You Go – (7 of 16 videos)

rotary cutting 1 square

Rotary cutting 1 square:

Learn how to cut out one square using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat.

Quilt As You Go
Rotary cutting 1 square


fabric layout for 18 inch
Fabric Layout for 18 inch

fabric layout for 42 inch
Fabric Layout for 42 inch



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ELEMENTARY (Quilt-As-You-Go) QUILT – Rotary Cutting 1 Square (7 of 16 videos)

Before you cut out a 7″ square out of your fabric, you want to make sure that your fabric has been pressed.

I am going to use a scrap fabric here because this is a great quilt for using scraps and often when you use scraps you might only have enough room to cut out one 7″ square.

Since this has all of this extra fabric on it, I find that more difficult to cut around. So what I like to do is cut a larger piece of fabric to start off. So normally this is… or this is suppose to be a 7″ by 7″ so I am going to cut out an 8″ by 8″ piece of fabric and get rid of all that extra fabric.

Now you notice I have a straight clean cut here; a straight clean cut there. So I am going to take those clean cuts and I am going to use them to line up my square on my mat. So I know this is nice and straight and this is nice and straight. I take my ruler and find the 7″ mark here line it up down on the bottom. Find the 7″ mark there and line it up. When I have decided that everything is nice and straight, I take my rotary cutter cut away. Move. Cut away from here. Take that excess and now I have a 7″ square.

Now if I am cutting a bunch of squares out of this fabric; let’s say I bought a half a yard of it, I am not going to cut individual squares like this. What I am going to do is cut strips that are 7″ wide and then cut it down.

In the next video I’ll show you how to do that.

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