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choosing and cutting batting

Batting choices and cutting:

Learn about the batting that you need for this quilt. You can use scraps that are at least 6″ by 6″ or you can buy batting by the yard or in packages. Try to stay away from high loft batting as it is more difficult to work with. In this video you will also view different methods for cutting out your batting. If you would like to purchase Warm Company cotton batting from Amazon, follow this link.

Quilt As You Go

Batting layout
Batting Layout

Batting layout
Batting Template



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ELEMENTARY (Quilt-As-You-Go) QUILT – Choosing and Cutting Batting (5 of 16 videos)

You can buy batting by the yard, you can buy packages, or you can use scraps. I like to buy batting that’s not “extra-loft” like shown on this package. This was donated. I can use it but it is a little bit tougher to get it through the machine. I like to buy batting that is a little bit thinner in loft.

To cut my batting, I can use my 6 inch rotary ruler and my cutter. Now I can just cut the batting in a single layer like this. If I am using that higher loft batting, I almost have to only cut a single layer. Usually I can get away with folding the batting over. I like to try smooth it out as best I can. I put my ruler over the top and let’s see if that’s going to work. Yes! I’m going to turn that around. And once again, try smooth out that batting. And put my ruler down and cut that. And now I’m coming to the side here and I want to line up my ruler on the top and the bottom and slice that. Bring my body around, slice that across. I just work my way down like that and I’ve got my 6 inch squares. So that’s how I would do it with a rotary ruler.

If I didn’t have this rotary ruler and rotary cutter, then I could use my template. Here’s my 6 inch square template I have made out of cardboard. Or I could go on LearnHowToQuilt.com and download this paper and glue this paper onto cardboard.

So once you have your template, you take a scrap of batting or if you’ve bought it by the yard, you take your batting – lay it out like this. Take your template. Put it on the batting and then I use a pencil. You can use a pen because you are going to cut off that mark but I still feel better with a pencil. You’re going to trace around that template and now you are ready to cut out that piece of batting. When I am cutting batting, I usually only cut one piece at a time. You can try to double this and pin it when you’re cutting but I think it is just easier cutting one at a time.

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