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Learn some tips for using this quilt as a classroom project. Extra info about marking and sewing are included.

Quilt As You Go
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ELEMENTARY (Quilt-As-You-Go) QUILT – EXTRAS (15 of 16 videos)

So let’s say you’re not doing the “X” like I showed earlier and you got a circle or a different motif in the center. And now you are concerned you don’t want that knot to shown when you start stitching. So, one way to hide your knot is to open that quilt sandwich up. Put your thread in there with your needle and then come through. What’s going to happen, your knot will be hidden in between the …. the sandwich part of your quilt. It will be in the center and you won’t see that.

And you can continue on stitching. You go down. On the back, you poke if you can find that … that stitching line. The circle is a little more difficult; at least for me, for some reason, rather than a straight line. Then I am going to go up and down. And let’s say that I’ve gone all the way around and now I am wondering how I can knot this.

Well, I can look at my fabric and say … well this side because it is all a solid the knot’s really going show. So let me look at the back. Ooh, the back looks good. I can probably put a knot back here and you won’t notice it.

Sometimes, both sides are going to look the same. And you’re not going to want to put a big knot up on top. So to hide your knot, what I like to do is – I take the thread, go around about 3 times, and I pull through. Make a knot. There’s the little knot. Then I go down like I would normally be stitching …when I get in the middle, come off to the side here. I don’t know if you can see. I hope you can. That knot is right there. And I am ready to pull that knot in. And that knot (I just pulled it a little tiny bit) … that knot is down in between the fabric now. It’s hidden. I can pull this and clip. And now my knot is hidden in the fabric.

So if you are concerned that you don’t want any of the knots to show, that’s one way that you can get around that.


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