Quilt As You Go – (13 of 16 videos)

Matching Rows:

Learn how to match the seams and then pin the rows together to finish sewing the quilt.

Quilt As You Go
Matching Rows




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So I am back here with my blocks that I have just sewn together. And you can see it is kind of confusing to see where everything goes. So I have my digital camera here, that I can use. I am going to put this aside so I can look at it to see where each one of these blocks goes. I see that that one goes up there. This one is on the bottom and, let’s see, this one needs to turn.

Now I am ready with the next set of squares, or next sections, to take over to the machine. I am going to put right sides together, right sides together, right sides together. I am going to put this in my right hand. That reminds me of where it is going to go. And I am going to take this up and walk over to the machine.

So now that I have sewn each one of these rows together, I am ready to sew row to row to row. So, just like before, I am going to take and put right sides together, and I am going to put what I am going to be pinning in my right hand, or the seam that I am going to sew in my right hand. I am going to come down here to these seams. I like to push, one seam in one direction, the other seam in the other direction. Normally I would be pressing this, but it’s difficult to press through all these different fabrics. So I just use my fingers to press it. It’s not going to make that much difference when the quilt is completed. It’s just when you take it over there to sew. If you had all these seams running in the same direction, it would be very difficult to sew through all that bulk. So that’s why it is nice to stick those seam allowances in one direction and this seam allowance in the opposite direction- and I do pin that.

I am going to come over, and I am going to do the same thing on this one. You see I caught this in that seam. That’s okay as I said; this is a very forgiving quilt. Push this aside, eventually we are going to cut all these seams on the back, so you are not going to notice any mistakes.


Batting layout
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ELEMENTARY (Quilt-As-You-Go) QUILT – Matching Rows (13 of 16 videos) Page 2

I am going to pin and then I like to pin this other seam that I pushed down. I like to pin that in place. Now earlier, I probably showed you a bad habit to get into not using very many pins. If you are having problems with this fabric bunching up when you sew it, then you are going to need to use more pins. So I would put a pin here. I might put a pin in the center if I am having problems, and I also might put two pins there. I am going to take another pin over. And last but not least, I like to pin the edges here just to make sure that I finish up. I want to make sure that this is lined up.

Another reminder that when you are sewing regular patch work, you want everything to be nice and neat in a row. When you are sewing these Quilt As You Go squares, sometimes all of this won’t be nice and even. If you have something that is a little bit larger, a little bit smaller, just try to take the average of the two and sew there. Once again, this quilt is very forgiving. So I have got this pinned, take it over to the machine. I am going to sew 1⁄2 (half) of an inch down, just like I did before. After I get finish sewing that, I’ll come back and pin this last section on.

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