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sewing square using machine

Sewing Square Using Machine:

Don’t have time to sew by hand? In this video you will learn how to quilt each block using your machine. You do not need a walking foot BUT it is good idea to use if you have this attachment.

Quilt As You Go
Sewing Square Using Machine




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So now we are ready to sew these 7 inch squares on the sewing machine. I like to start with a new needle on every project. I like to put in, what I call a “leader” which is just a scrap of fabric. and I also like to have a “follower” at the end.

I put down my pressure foot. I am just using an all- purpose foot. If you have a walking foot, this would be a great time to use that. My stitch length- I can use a regular stitch length, or actually I like to make my stitch length a little bit larger. Kind of like a top- stitching stitch length, that’s going to vary on your machine. So now I am ready to sew.

I start sewing on this leader, and the reason why I do that, it makes it a little bit easier for me to get this in my machine. Sometimes when I start on the edge of this, it gets scrunched up, and so this helps me to pull that through. This time I didn’t have any problems. So I just continue to sew on the line.

If you saw the hand sewing section on this series of videos, you’ll notice that I started sewing a thumbs-length away. I started a thumbs-length away. When you are machine stitching, you don’t need to do that because your stitches won’t come out if they are cut. So I am coming to the end here, and what I am going to do is pick up my next block that I am going to sew. I am going to line it right up and I am just going to keep sewing. You notice how it took it right in. If I have problems though I have got this other piece back here that can help pull it along. I am going to just continue sewing down this line. Notice where my pins are; I have avoided having to pull these out because I did not put them where the line is. I am going to sew all the way to the end here. And let me clip this one off in the back. Let’s clip this off.

Just so you can see what a finished one looks like, once again I am going to chain piece this. That is just when I push it right up along- side of this. I am going …


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… to sew on the line. Now sometimes when you are sewing on the line and you get to the intersection here, it wants to put like a little tuck in it. So when you are getting close to that, you might want to put your needle down, and you might want to adjust some of that fabric. I don’t think that I am going to have a problem here but that is just in case you have a problem- so you know what to do.

Now I am finishing off here. Sometimes these get misaligned so I want to pull it over just a little. This quilt is very forgiving, so if you are off a little, that’s okay. And before I sew, finish sewing, I like to put my follower in here, and I am just going to clip that off and clip this one.

So now I have completed sewing one of these squares with an X.

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