Quick Corner “I Spy” Quilt

This is a good starter quilt for beginners using the Quick Corner method. The corner triangles are originally cut as squares – much faster than cutting triangles. The squares are also easier to sew. Choosing fabric is a breeze – I have used scraps of novelty material. If you don’t have any scraps, you can limit your choices to two different fabrics or try other combinations. I think this quilt looks great in all types of fabric.  If you would like to buy a charm pack of different novelty fabrics, click here.

Below the video, you’ll find the directions you can download for FREE along with photos of other Quick Corner Quilts. Hope you enjoy this project!


Looking to buy rotary cutting equipment for cutting those quick corners? Follow these links:

Rotary Cutters

Rotary Mats

Rotary Rulers

Rotary Blades

Quick Corner “I Spy” Quilt DIRECTIONS:


Other Quick Corner Quilts:

Looking for fabric choice ideas?  Check out the quilts below:

Pink Baby Quilt

Pink Baby Quilt by Mary Tabor


Mary I Spy

I Spy Quilt by Mary Tabor


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