Crazy Quilt – (8 of 22 videos)

intro to cutting


8.  Learn about the fabric pieces that need to be cut for your block — “centers” and “logs”.



download transcripts Video transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Class – Cutting Intro (8 of 22 videos)

In this video segment, I will go over cutting your fabric.  First I’ll start off with rotary cutting; then I’ll go over using good old fashioned scissors.

No matter which method you use, make sure the fabric has been washed and pressed.  I wash my fabric because 100% cotton fabric will shrink.   (Each fabric will shrink a different percent, so if you wait till after you have sewn the quilt together you may get puckers between the pieces.)

Also, some fabric dyes will bleed when you wash the material.  You do not want to be surprised if a darker fabric bleeds on to a lighter one.

I’ll begin by cutting the center.

On a traditional log cabin block, this has 4 equal sides.  On a crazy quilt, the center has 4 sides but they are not equal.

Instead of cutting out different 4 sided shapes, I start off with centers that are about 4” squares and then I cut these down.



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