Crazy Quilt – (7 of 22 videos)

secondary design in crazy quilt


7.  Learn about the secondary designs that appear when lights and darks are carefully placed in your log cabin block.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Secondary Designs (7 of 22 videos)

I thought I’d move over to the design wall here to give you a better idea of the different designs that you can get from a block that has a light and dark side. If you notice in this brown and white quilt, there are 16 log cabin squares. And as you rotate them, you get this different design. So as long as you have a dark and a light on the log cabin, you will get the different designs.

Same is true of this purple and green quilt. If you rotate the square, I don’t have a purple and green one, but we’ll use this one. If you rotate the square, you’ll notice that you can get this different design.

This quilt is made up of log cabins where, in the center, it is all one color. These squares are a mixture of half- dark, half- light. The square at the top is also a log cabin but only ¼ (one- fourth) of it is dark and all the rest is light. The squares in the four corners are also all one color. The tree trunk is like a modified log cabin where there are darks and lights.

I hope this gives you a better idea on how to design your log cabin quilt.

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