Crazy Quilt – (6 of 22 videos)

traditional log cabins


6.  Learn about the structure of a traditional log cabin block. See how fabric choices can produce a secondary design.



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It is important to understand what a traditional log cabin block looks like before we work on a crazy one.

A log cabin block has a center square surrounded by difference size rectangles. The center is often red or yellow as it signifies the hearth or a fireplace that is in the center of the cabin. These blocks can be all sizes, depending on the measurement of the center and the rectangles on the outside. You can have one set of logs, as in this block, or you can have a number of logs, as in this block.
The logs can also be the same color, as in this block, or many different colors.

One of the reasons why this block remains popular is because it is a great block for using up your fabric scraps. Another reason for the blocks’ popularity has to do with the many secondary designs that you get if you use two different values, or color families, for the logs. Notice on this block the division between the dark and the light, or in this case, the blue and the yellow. Instead of a block with the center and rectangles, you now have a block that also has two triangular shapes. Think of your block as a light and dark triangle. If you make a number of these blocks and rotate them, you can get all sorts of secondary designs. This only works if you use two different values, or color families, for your logs. Keep this in mind when choosing your fabric.

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