Crazy Quilt – (5 of 22 videos)

focal fabric for crazy quilt


5.  Learn how to use a focal fabric to help you choose fabrics for your crazy log cabin block.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Supplies Focal Fabric (5 of 22 videos)

When choosing fabric for a quilting project, I recommend finding a focal fabric. Your focal fabric will help you chose colors. For this crazy quilt I used this flora print. I picked colors in the blue/ green range and then colors in the pink/ orange range. I decided to extend my colors to include some yellow, purples, and blueblues, such as this. I wanted to use polka- dot prints, but I decided to include solids and other prints that fit into the color range.

In this quilt there are over 40 different fabrics. I used white as my center because I needed a resting spot for my eyes. When gathering fabrics, I like to arrange them so that I can see if there is a contrast between the two groups. This is a crazy quilt, so I’ve gone a little crazy with my fabric choices. Of course, you don’t have to use as many different types of fabric like shown here. You can get by with only 3 fabrics, 1 for the center and 2 for the outside logs. The more contrast and value, the more you will see the secondary design that comes from this block. Notice the difference between these two blocks. There’s more contrast on this block than on this block.

You will also need fabric for the borders and the back of your quilt. I don’t recommend buying this until you’ve completed all of your squares because you might choose not to put borders on your quilt or you may decide to make a smaller or larger quilt than intended. A handout, listing the amount of fabric needed is on a link in this tutorial.


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