Crazy Quilt – (3 of 22 videos)

supplies for making a crazy log cabin quilt


3.  Learn what supplies you will need to make a 12″ (finished size) crazy log cabin block.


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Rotary Mats

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download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Supplies (3 of 22 videos)

Before you start this project, you need to gather some supplies.

I like to use a rotary cutter, ruler and mat for cutting fabric. If you don’t have access to these rotary cutting supplies, you may use fabric scissors, a ruler or yard stick, and a pencil to mark and cut your fabric.  I keep a small scissors nearby for cutting threads.

You will also need a sewing machine in working order.

I prefer to sew with the tray attached because it helps with accuracy by carrying the weight of the fabric. It’s okay if you don’t have a tray or you do not use a tray.

Make sure you start the project with a new needle. I like to use an 80/12 needle.

When I quilt, I use a quarter inch foot. This foot is exactly a quarter inch from where the needle goes down to the edge of the foot, which makes it easier to sew an accurate quarter inch seam. Of course, any all purpose foot like the one on the machine here (on the tray) with also work just fine.

I use scraps of fabric for feeders. I have a leader and a follower to help with seam accuracy.

The thread that I use is neutral colored because it is impossible to match all the colors in the patch work. Today, I will be using red thread so you can see the seams clearer.

I like to keep pins nearby, but I don’t use them very often. I do use extra strength reading glasses to help me see the stitching better.

You will need an iron.  I like to use a dry iron, and I keep a water bottle nearby, if needed and…  I use a fluffy towel on my ironing board to help with the pressing.

I will go over fabric choices in the next video segment.


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