Crazy Quilt – (21 of 22 videos)

completing quilt top


21.  Learn how to complete a crazy log cabin quilt top.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Completing the Quilt Top (21 of 22 videos)

I always use a leader to get started. I’ll push my fabric- or put my fabric in- and I need to take this pin out because I don’t want to go over it and I will continue sewing with a ¼ (quarter) inch seam allowance. I want to make sure that I slow down before I get to the pins and take the pins out.

As I near this intersection, I want to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. I am going to take this pin out and I could put my finger there but I don’t want to run over it with a needle. I like to use something to hold that intersection in place as I sew. So these scissors work well. Some people like to use an ice pick if you still have those around.

I am going to continue sewing in this manner; taking my pins out and slowing down when I get to an intersection. Here’s my next intersection. I am going to use the tips of these scissors; slowing down, I am going to take the pin out, and then go through.

Now, you will need to sew all of the rows together in this manner to complete your top.

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