Crazy Quilt – (20 of 22 videos)

pinning intersections of crazy quilt


20.  Learn how pressing rows in opposite directions helps you when matching intersections.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Pinning Intersections (20 of 22 videos)

So I have turned the rows over to show you what the seams look like. In this row, the seams are pressed in this direction. In this row, the seams are pressed in this direction here, here, and here. This makes it easy when I have to match intersections to sew this section to this section.

So I am ready to do that, let me move these. I am going to put right sides together and I am going to lay this out; it’s good to have a big working space.

And the first thing I am going to do is come into this intersection. So at each intersection you’re going to have, what I call- let me grab these- a hill (which is right here) and a valley. And on this side you’re going to have a hill, which is where the seams have been pressed and a valley. If you have pressed each row in opposite directions, those hills and valleys should nestle right next to each
other and now you are ready to pin. So I pin that intersection. Let me come to the next intersection. And we’ve got, here is our hill and our valley. And on this side we have a hill on this side and a valley here. I am going to take and match the hills to the hills- you’re going to nestle in there together- and I am going to pin.

My last intersection, I’ve got a hill and a hill, a valley and a valley. I am going to nestle those together and pin. Because this is such a long piece and it gets kind of hard to maneuver in the sewing machine, I like to pin on the edge. I like to pin about half way on each one of these sections. So I’m going to go down the row here, making sure that I have got these kind of lined up, and pin. Before I pin in the center I want to go to the end, I want to match the edges up, pin. And now I am ready to pin in the center here.

So this is ready to go to the machine.

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