Crazy Quilt – (19 of 22 videos)

sewing rows in crazy log cabin quilt


19.  Learn how to sew and press the rows in your quilt top.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Sewing Rows (19 of 22 videos)

When I am finished sewing, I put the pieces back on my design wall, checking with my photo to make sure that they are placed in the way they originally were. I’ve also sewn these sections together, so now I am ready to sew in rows.

I’m going to take this section and I am going to put right sides together, making sure to hold (in my right hand) the seam I am going to sew. I put that next to my machine and I am going to take the next section, put right sides together and holding in my hand the seam that I am going I sew with my sewing machine. And I am going to continue this way until I have all of my pieces lined up next to my sewing machine. Right sides together, hold the seam I am going to sew in my right hand and put it next to my sewing machine.

Now I am ready to sew these sections together into rows. I am going to still use a ¼ (quarter) inch seam allowance. I am going to pick up the two sections right sides together. I can pin on the end here and pin here and pin in the middle or if I feel confident enough, line up this edge and begin sewing my ¼ (quarter) inch. I like to make sure that the ends are lined up like this, and I continue sewing. I check to make sure that those are still lined up.

So if you don’t like the idea of using pins and your pieces stay lined up, it’s okay to line up the edge and chain piece. So I am going to continue sewing these in this manner, until I have all four rows put together. And after I have sewn those four rows, then I am ready to press.

After sewing my rows together, I put my blocks back up on the wall. And I check to make sure, once again, that they are in the right order because it is very easy to get them out of order. I am also looking at my first and my third row. I am going to take these to the ironing board and I am going to press in this direction. The second and the fourth row I am going to press in the opposite direction. Let me take these down and show you what I mean.

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