Crazy Quilt – (18 of 22 videos)

sewing blocks for crazy quilt


18.  Learn how to begin sewing the blocks together to make a crazy log cabin quilt.



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Now we are ready to sew the top together.

Just to make sure that I keep everything in the same spot, I like to take a picture of it so I can refer back to it. I can take a picture and print it out on paper or I can use an electronic device, like this, to take a picture of it and keep it next to my machine.

I want to sew sections first, here and here. And then I want to sew those sections into rows. I start at the bottom and I place right sides together. In my right hand I place the seam that I am going to sew together and then I bring it over to my sewing machine. So I come up to the next two blocks. I put right sides together, in my right hand, I hold the seam I am going to sew and I put it next to my sewing machine. Next two, I am going to put right sides together, seam that I am going to sew in my hand, next to my sewing machine. I’m going to continue doing this on this side. I could bring all of the pieces over to my sewing machine right now, but I find that it gets confusing. I do have this picture here to refer to but I find it easiest just to work in sections like this.

I will be using a ¼ (quarter) inch seam allowance when I sew my pieces together. I pick up these blocks and I pin them together. I put one pin on each end and then I put a pin in the middle. I like to use a leader piece to begin sewing. I pick up the next two blocks and I pin them together just like I did on the last one; put a pin on this end, a pin on this end and then a pin in the middle.

I like to chain this to the previous piece which means I am going to take and push the two blocks right up and begin sewing. I don’t have to lock my seams as they will be locked when I sew on the next blocks.

I am going to continue doing this until this whole stack is sewn together.

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