Crazy Quilt – (17 of 22 videos)

arranging blocks in crazy quilt


17.  Learn about different ways to arrange your crazy log cabin blocks.



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By now you should have completed your 16 blocks and be ready to sew these together into a quilt.

Before we do any sewing we must first arrange the blocks in a way that is pleasing to our eyes. You can lay these out on your floor, on a large table or on a wall. I think it’s best to play with you blocks when they are on a wall as shown here. I call this my design wall. Before my husband built my design wall, I used an old king size sheet that I hung on a large wall in my house. I could easily pin or re-pin my blocks to this sheet.

As mentioned earlier, if you make your log cabin block with 2 different color families in the logs, you will get a secondary design. Notice, in this arrangement, there are 4 pink diamonds surrounding 1 blue diamond in the center.

Now I have turned my blocks to make another design. If you look in the top left-hand corner, you will see a pink diagonal line going down to the bottom right-hand corner. This time, I have rows of diagonal lines in my quilt. They alternate pink and blue. Let me try another design.

In this arrangement, I have a large pink diamond in the center. A larger blue diamond outlines the pink center. As you can see, there are many secondary designs that you can incorporate into your quilt. You decide which one you like best.

I often use my digital camera to take a picture of each arrangement. Then I line the pictures up and chose my favorite.

In the next video segment, we’ll look again at some of these secondary designs.

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