Crazy Quilt – (16 of 22 videos)

chain piecing


16.  Learn how to use chain piecing to speed up production of your crazy log cabin blocks.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Chain Piecing Tips (16 of 22 videos)

After I have successfully completed one large block, I like to use some time saving techniques. Instead of working on one block, I work on many blocks at once. I stack the pieces to be sewn next to my machine. I start with a leader and then I put my piece right up next to that and I sew my ¼ (quarter) inch seam. When I get to the end, instead of picking up a follower, I pick up my next piece to be sewn.

On this piece, I am going to sew this edge at an angle. Now I am going to pick my next piece that’s going to be sewn. This is called chain piecing when you add one piece after another. When I get to the end of my chain, then I put in a follower. I clip, and now I am ready to take my chain over to the pressing area.

I have my chain of pieces over here, I set my seams by pressing down. Then I am going to pull the log back and press. I might have to maneuver the pieces a little to get the logs pulled back and pressed. So after I have all the logs pressed back, I take this over to my cutting board to cut.

I have pressed these and now I am ready to trim. I cut them apart to trim. I can trim all four sides or just one or two sides, whatever. So I draw my lines and then I use my scissors. And I continue this way; trimming, sewing, and pressing until I reach my desired block size.

I want to stress that I only use chain piecing after I have successfully completed at least one block. I want to make sure that I can make one block before tackling 16 at once.

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