Crazy Quilt – (15 of 22 videos)

trimming with scissors


15.  Learn how to trim using scissors instead of the rotary cutter.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Trimming with Scissors (15 of 22 videos)

In this video, I’ll go over trimming your piece with scissors first. Then I want to share some time saving tips.

I begin my block by picking up a center and a strip for my first log. Remember, that you should use the same color or color family for your first log throughout your project. I am starting with the blues and the greens. I need to have at least one straight edge in order to sew an accurate seam. The straight edge could be on the center or on the strip or on both; I put right sides together. I like to leave a little extra at the top and at the bottom but it’s not necessary. I could line up the two pieces and sew down this line, or I could move this strip at an angle- as long as I have a straight edge. I think I like it this way.

I take this to my sewing machine to sew an accurate ¼ (quarter) inch seam. I use a feeder to start and then I take my piece and put it right next to the feeder. I am going to sew down this line an accurate ¼ (quarter) inch. As I finish my piece, I am going to put a follower in and then I am going to clip my seam. Before I take my piece to the pressing board, let me clip that off, I like to trim any extra in the seam. This is not going to show when I finish my piece, but it does because extra bulk so I like to get rid of this excess fabric. I just take my scissors and trim and now I am ready to press.

I set my seams first by pressing down on the stitches. Then I pull back the log and press.

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