Crazy Quilt – (12 of 22 videos)

sewing #2 log on crazy quilt


12. Learn how to trim, sew, and press the second log in your log cabin block.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Sewing #2 Log (12 of 22 videos)

After pressing, you may decide to trim any excess. I am going to trim this on an angle. Lay your piece down with the last log sewn on top. Pick up your next log in the same color family. Lay it to the right and then put right sides together. You may want to pin if it is going to be too hard to bring this to your sewing machine. Use your leader to begin sewing your ¼ (quarter) inch. And use your follower to end the seam.

Take this to your pressing board; set the seam first. I prefer to use a hot, dry iron. Then press the log back. Now we are ready to go back to the cutting board and trim off any excess.

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