Crazy Quilt – (11 of 22 videos)

sewing crazy log cabin quilt


11.  Learn how to sew the first log to the center square.



download transcripts Video Transcript: CRAZY LOG CABIN QUILT Sewing #1 Log (11 of 22 videos)

Throughout this project, I suggest sewing ¼ (quarter) inch seams, but any seam allowance will do. I have a ¼ (quarter) inch foot on my machine to help ensure accuracy. I will be using red thread to make it easier for you to view where I am sewing. For your project you will want to use a neutral color thread.

I like to use a leader and a follower- this helps me sew straight onto my piecing. This also ensures that fabric does not get stuck in the throat plate. If you are making a log cabin that has two different color schemes, it is best to separate the strips into two different color families. Choose a color family for your first log. Make sure you continue to use this color family throughout the project as your first log.

So I am going to use blue as my first log. Take the center and your first log. Put right sides together, trim any excess, and now you’re ready to take this to your sewing machine. Use a leader to begin sewing your ¼ (quarter) inch seam; put your log and your center. Before you come off, put your follower, and clip. Now you are ready to take this to be pressed.

First press your seam by setting it, just pressing down. Then flip over the log and press.

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