Four Star Quilt (Quick Corner Stars)

This Four Star Quilt a good starter project for beginners learning the Quick Corner method.  Only squares and other rectangles are used in this quilt making it much easier to to cut and sew than patterns with triangles. Choosing material is a breeze as you only have to pick two fabrics.  Of course you don’t have to limit your choices.  You might want to try other combinations – add another fabric for the star rays or make each star different. I think this quilt looks great in many styles of fabric.

Quick Corner Four Star Quilt

Below the video links, you’ll find the directions you can download for FREE along with photos of other Quick Corner Quilts. Hope you enjoy this project!  


Quick Look  (#1 of 5)

Learn how to cut and sew this quilt top.  More detailed instructions can be found in later videos in this series.

Quick Corner Star Video-Quick Look #1


Cutting Fabric (#2 of 5)

Learn how to quickly rotary cut the pieces for this quilt.  Cutting layouts for the star fabric and background fabric can be found below.

Quick  Corner Star Video - Cutting Fabric #2


Sewing (#3 of 5)

Learn about sewing quick corners for the stars’ rays.  Then learn some tips for assembling your quilt top.

Quick Corner Star Quilt - Sewing #3


Adding Borders (#4 of 5)

Learn how to square up your quilt while adding borders to this Four Star Quilt.  A sample has been prepared to show how important it is to ease the borders to the quilt top.

Quick Corner Star Quilt - Adding Borders #4


What Went Wrong? (#5 of 5)

Learn about some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them BEFORE making this quilt.

Quick Corner Star Quilt - What Went Wrong #5



Quick Corner Star Quilt HANDOUTS:


Other Quick Corner Quilts:

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