Sewing Seams

sewing seams
Piecing on the machine

Quilters use 1/4″ seams on most projects.  Find out how to improve your accuracy when piecing by viewing the videos below.  Learn how to save time by using chain piecing when sewing.  You’ll also learn about partial seams and Y-seams.  and tips for matching points and intersections.

Sewing an Accurate ¼” Seam (7 videos)

more tips on 1/4 inch seams


Sewing a SCANT 1/4″ Seam (1 video)

Scant Quarter Inch Seam in RED.


Leaders (1 video)

Scant 1/4" Seam


Chain Piecing (1 video)

chain piecing


Followers (1 video)



Hand Piecing (1 video)

Hand Sewn Heart


Partial Seams (1 video)

partial seams


Y Seams (1 video)

y seams


Matching Intersections (4 videos)

Matching Intersections


Matching 4 Points (1 video)

Matching 4 Points


Matching 8 Points (1 video)

Matching 8 Points


Cutting/Sewing ½ Square Triangles (8 videos)

Intro to half square triangles


Cutting/Sewing 1/4 Square Triangles (1 video)

Quarter Square Triangles






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