Cutting/Sewing ½ Square Triangles

In the video series below, you will find a number of methods for cutting (and sewing) 1/2 square triangles.

Introduction to Making ½ Square Triangles (#1 of 8 videos)

Intro to half square triangles


Making ½ Square Triangles Using Your Rotary Cutter (#2 of 8 videos)

Making half square triangles using your rotary cutter


Why Does the 1/2 Square Triangle Formula Require You to Add 7/8 of an Inch? (#3 of 8 videos)

Why half square triangles require you to add 7/8


Making 1/2 Square Triangles Using 1 inch Formula (#4 of 8 videos)

Making half square triangles using 1 inch formula



Why Add 1 inch When Making 1/2 Square Triangles? (#5 of 8 videos)

Why add 1 inch when making half square triangles



Sewing Diagonals BEFORE Cutting to Make ½ Square Triangles (#6 of 8 videos)

Sewing diagonals before cutting to make half square triangles



Mass Producing 1/2 Square Triangles (#7 of 8 videos)

Mass producing half square triangles



Paper Piecing Strips of ½ Square Triangles (#8 of 8 videos)

Paper piecing strips of half square triangles

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  1. Where do I obtain the PDF files you show in your videos? For example, what is the link or file name that is shown in your “How to cut half-square triangles” youtube video? I am sure that I will want access to any files shown in your how-to videos! Thank you!

    1. Hello Kathy! The PDF files are located under the video. Just click on the PDF file icon – red, white and black rectangle with red arrow. (Sometimes you can click on the file name but in this series click on the icon.) Here’s a link to the “Pros/Cons of the Different Methods” that is part of this first video in this series –
      If you have trouble finding the links – let me know and I can send you a direct link. I am sorry for the confusion but I am not very “techi” and have had different volunteers posting the info on website – hence the different layouts. Hoe this helps! Ann

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