Cutting Fabric

rotary cutting

Learn how to quickly cut pieces for your quilting using a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and self-healing mat.  No rotary cutter?  Check out our video on how to use your scissors to cut out precise shapes.  You can also learn about the new die cut machines that are very accurate cutting tools.

Looking to buy rotary cutting equipment? Follow these links:

Rotary Cutters,   Rotary Mats ,   Rotary Rulers,   Rotary Blades


Rotary Cutting Videos:

Cutting Rectangles (1 Video)

cutting rectangles

Cutting Strips (1 Video)

cutting strips

The Ultimate Guide for Cutting Triangles (1 Video)

Cutting Triangles in Quilts

Cutting 1/2 Square Triangles (8 Videos)

Intro to half square triangles

Cutting 1/4 Square Triangles (1 Video)

Quarter Square Triangles

Cutting Scalene and Isosceles Triangles (1 Video)

Seasonal Sampler FLAG


Traditional Cutting Using Scissors:

Using Templates/Scissors for Cutting Fabric (1 Video)



Alternate Forms of Cutting:

Fabric Cutters (1 Video)

Fabric Cutters

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