Flying Geese – Blocks That Teach

Flying Geese are a traditional quilt patterns that can be used in blocks, sashing and borders. There are many different methods available to quilters who want to make Flying Geese units.

This series is mainly about the quick corner method.  For more info about constructing Flying Geese, check out the video on using half and quarter square triangles to make this unit.  You’ll also find a video below about making 4 units at once with no waste.

Flying Geese – A Quick Corner Method (Video 1 of 5)

Flying Geese - Quick Corner Method

Flying Geese – Calculating Cutting Sizes (Video 2 of 5)

Flying Geese Calculations

Flying Geese – Assembly Line Sewing (Video 3 of 5)

Flying Geese Assembly Line Sewing

Flying Geese – What Went Wrong With My Geese? (Video 4 of 5)

What Went Wrong with my Geese?

Flying Geese – Summer Quilt Project (Video 5 of 5)

Flying Geese Summer Quilt

Other methods:

Half Square and Quarter Square Triangles

Flying Geese with HST and QST

  4 Flying Geese – “No Waste” Method

Spinning Geese


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