paper piecing

Paper piecing is a great technique that helps with your accuracy. This video introduces the 4 projects that will help you master this technique.

Learn about the blocks you will piece and the skills you will learn when viewing this video series.

I like to place my completed blocks in small frames or in greeting cards. Looking for frames to purchase? Follow this link. Looking to buy greeting cards? Follow this link.

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download transcripts  Video Transcript: Paper Piecing: Paper Piecing Introduction (1 Video)

Paper piecing is a technique used in quilting.  Sometimes it’s referred to as foundation piecing.  When paper piecing or foundation piecing, you sew fabric onto paper.  Or you can sew fabric onto a foundation such as this muslin foundation.  You can sew this by hand or you can sew it by using your sewing machine.

In this series on paper piecing, I will go over four patterns.  I chose these patterns because they each contain different skills that you may encounter when paper piecing. This first one called the “Rail Fence” or the “Roman Stripe” is very simple.  It will allow you to get use to sewing on paper.  Next we’ll look at this “Flying Geese” pattern and learn how to deal with triangles.  In this simple “Log Cabin”, we’ll learn what to expect from patterns that start in the middle and spiral out.  Finally, we’ll work on this “Pennant” block to pick up some pointers on how to deal with these long skinny points.

By the time you finish this series, you’ll be able to tackle most paper piecing problems.

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