Basic Information About Paper Piecing

paper piecing basic information

Learn about the difference between Foundation Paper Piecing (often referred to as Paper Piecing) and English Paper Piecing (often used for shapes requiring Y-seams).



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Quilters sometimes use paper in their piecing. There are 2 types of paper piecing – English Paper Piecing and Foundation Paper Piecing.

English Paper Piecing involves wrapping fabric around a piece of paper like this. Wrap it around the back and you end up with something that looks like this. This method is perfect for hand stitching. You can use English paper piecing for any shape but the most popular is the hexagon; a shape that usually requires y-seams as seen here.

After all the pieces have been sewn together, then the paper is removed from the back. If you’re careful, that paper can be used again unlike foundation piecing.

Foundation piecing involves stitching the fabric on to the paper or on to foundation such as muslin as seen here. This paper is usually torn away when the project has been finished and then just thrown away. Or in the case of this muslin, it will have to stay in the project. It will just be an extra layer. This technique is often used to help with accuracy especially when stitching small pieces.

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