Paper Piecing

paper piecing

Basic Information About Paper Piecing (1 Video)

Quilters use paper when making miniatures or for piecing certain quilt patterns.  Learn about the difference between Foundation Paper Piecing (often referred to as Paper Piecing) and English Paper Piecing (often used for shapes requiring Y-seams).  View the video below for more info.

paper piecing basic information

Ready to paper piece?  We offer small kits (fabric and pattern) for paper piecing projects.  Like the small frames shown in the video?  Follow this link to purchase these frames from Amazon.  Looking to buy greeting cards to fit your small block? Follow this link for the cards.


Foundation Paper Piecing

Intro (1 video)

paper piecing


Advantages vs. Disadvantages (1 video)

advantages and disadvantages


Paper Piecing Basics for Rectangles (4 videos)


Find out what supplies you will need if you want to follow along and make your own paper pieced blocks.

paper piecing supplies

Basic Positioning

Learn how to position your fabric on the paper pattern.

paper piecing positioning

Sewing #1 to #2

Now you are ready to sew!  Learn how to machine piece Fabric #1 and Fabric #2.

paper piecing sewing

Sewing #3 to #1

Learn how to complete your paper piecing pattern.



Paper Piecing Triangles (1 video)

Learn how to paper piece this Flying Geese block with triangles.

paper piecing triangles


Paper Piecing from the Center Out (1 video)

Learn how to piece a simple log cabin block from the center out.

paper piecing from the center out


Paper Piecing Long Thin Pieces (1 video)

Learn how to use paper piecing to improve your accuracy and get sharp points every time.

paper piecing long thin pieces


Paper Piecing Strips of Triangles – 2″ (1 video)

Learn how to use paper piecing to make strips of triangles.

Paper piecing strips of half square triangles


Paper Pieced Heart – Sewing Sections Together (1 video)

Learn how to paper piece patterns that have more than one section.

Paper Pieced Heart

Click here for more paper piecing patterns/tutorials.

How to Make Paper Pieced Patterns without Paper (1 video)

Learn how to make paper pieced patterns from lightweight interfacing.

English Paper Piecing

Do you enjoy hand sewing?  English paper Piecing is a quilting skill that is easy to learn. It’s also a very mobile project that you can take with you to the doctor’s office, on plane rides, or ….

Hexagons (1 video)

Learn how to paper piece the hexagon shape and then make a snowflake or flower (Grandmother’s Flower Garden).  While this video is part of our Seasonal Sampler Series, you will be able to follow along without having to watch the previous videos (although we would love for you to also check these out).

Seasonal Sampler - English Paper Pieced Snowflakes



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