Matching Points

Matching 8 Points

Most quilt patterns require matching seams. When sewing triangles or other pointy shapes, you’ll also want to focus on getting perfect points.  These videos show you how to get those crisp points when sewing seams with triangle tips.   As always, your accuracy also relies on your attention to the basics – pressing, cutting and sewing.  Learn to concentrate on this and you will be on your way to a perfect points in your patchwork.

Using tape or seam guides to keep your seams straight will also help with overall accuracy.   If you would like to buy a package of removable seam guides, click here.

Matching Four Points

Learn how to get perfect tips on your triangles when you watch the tutorial below.

Matching Eight Points

Ready for a more advanced quilting technique?  Watch the video below for some tips for matching many points.


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